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California PUC Requirements for Regulated Industries

Who is Regulated by the PUC Controlled Substance and Alcohol Program?

All Passenger Stage (PSC) and Charter-Party (TCP) applicants who employ drivers that will operate vehicles having a seating capacity of 15 persons or less, including the driver, must comply with the Commission's controlled substance and alcohol testing certification program.

Vessel Common Carrier (VCC) - a carrier that transports passengers from one point to another on water, such as a Ferry

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        What Am I Required To Do?

  • Enroll in a Consortium (random testing pool)

             All drivers must enroll in a random drug and alcohol testing program

  • Written Substance Abuse Policy

          A drug testing program, specific to the CPUC rules, must be implemented

  • Employee Education

          Owner operators and employees are required to have drug/alcohol training

  • Reasonable Suspicion Training

          Training is mandatory for all Supervisors/Mgmt and personnel that oversee drivers

          Min. 2 hr training on recognizing the signs & symptoms of use/abuse for drugs & alcohol

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

          At minimum, a referral process for employees who voluntarily seek help

             as well as those who are mandated to get assistance.

Reasons for Drug Testing

  • Pre-employment testing

  • Random testing* 

  • Post-accident testing*

  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing*

  • Return to Duty Testing*

  • Follow-Up Testing*

*Note: alcohol testing is/may be required

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