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DOT Drug Testing

We understand the difficulty of maintaining a drug free workplace and the strict requirements set forth by the Department of Transportation (DOT).  Our goal is to help you streamline the testing, training and policy implementation to keep you up and running with minimal downtime.


Our staff is here to help!


With our industry knowledge we encourage our clients to have us audit your existing testing policies and offer you a unique strategy to not only streamline your DOT required testing but help you save time and money.  If you don't have one, no problem, lets get started!


Mandatory Requirements for a DOT or cPUC Workplace

  • Drug Testing Policy

  • Drug/Alcohol Testing; Pre-Employment, Post-Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, etc.

  • Consortium - Random Drug Testing Pool

  • Reasonable Suspicion Training/Supervisor Training

  • Employee Educational Materials

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)


Benefits of Mobile Services

  • By coming to your location we save you time and money

  • Convenient scheduling 

  • Reduces employee downtime, your liability, and chances of an altered test

  • Average time per employee 5-10 minutes

Emergency Services Available
                          Additional Fee Applies
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