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Signs of Drug Use

​The following should be causes for concern:

  • Abrupt changes in work or school attendance, quality of schoolwork or grades and/or discipline problems.

  • Unusual outbursts or displays of temper.

  • A shirking of responsibility.

  • Unexplained changes in overall attitude, including depression, withdrawal or apathy.

  • Deterioration or sudden change of physical appearance or grooming habits.

  • Sudden secretiveness or inappropriate concerns for privacy; poorly concealed attempts to avoid attention and suspicion, such as frequent trips to the restroom or basement may be an attempt to conceal drug use.

  • Wearing sunglasses, frequent use of eye drops,trying to conceal the eyes, does not look at you when speaking.

  • Pupils are unresponsive to light/dark; are dilated or constricted.

  • Association with known drug users or "problem" students.

  • Unusual borrowing of money from friends, siblings, or parents.

  • Stealing - either at home or through shoplifting.

  • Lying, extremely defensive when confronted.

  • Possessing unexplained valuables.

  • Drug paraphernalia 

  • *Do you find common items that have been altered to aid in prepping the drug for use. i.e. burnt, cut, and/or bent items such as spoons, soda cans, discolored piping or tubing, unusual residue (powdery or sticky), etc.


It isn't just teens anymore; children are obtaining drugs at an earlier age then ever before.



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