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Mouth Swab DNA Testing


Paternity DNA Test (Not for Legal Use)                $200 & up  

Determines if the alleged father is biologically the father.


Legal Paternity (Court Admissible)                        $300 & up


Maternity DNA Test                                               

Determines if the alleged mother is conclusively the biological mother.


Sibling DNA Test

This test will determine the likelihood of two people being full siblings, half siblings, or unrelated. DNA from the mother(s) may help strengthen the statistical analysis used to produce a conclusive result.


Grandparentage DNA Test

Determine Grandparentage for grandfather and/or grandmother and grandchild.

Avuncular DNA Test

Determine an Uncle (or Aunt) and Nephew (or Niece) relationship.


Twin Zygosity DNA Test

Determine whether twins (or triplets, etc.) are identical or fraternal.

Immigration DNA Test

Verify paternity or maternity to establish citizenship for VISA applications.



Infidelity DNA Testing

This test will determine if a DNA profile exists on a piece of evidence, and whether it matches the DNA profile taken from a mouth swab reference sample. The outcome may confirm or nullify suspicions of a cheating partner/spouse by analyzing an unknown substance found on a physical object.


Other items that can be used for DNA testing are: bone, blood, cigarette butts, toothbrush, etcetera


DNA Testing

Our DNA tests are fast and easy; it is completely confidential and accurate - to 99.99% accurate! Our DNA Testing partner has provided paternity tests for thousands of customers, and is recognized as a world leader in the science of DNA testing. We have a DNA test to help you find out the truth.


Accurate. Reliable. Fast Results. Affordable. Confidential.

Legal DNA Paternity Test

Our DNA testing partner is an AABB accredited laboratory, which permits us to administer DNA testing for legal purposes. This more stringent lab process is advised whenever the test results are needed in court or for some other official matter. Strict procedures must be followed when performing a legal test to regulate sample collection and preserve the integrity of final DNA reporting.

Fast turnaround time and Painless

All standard paternity tests are generally completed in 4 business days or less *after the lab receives all the samples.    *24 hrRUSH Service Available

The samples are taken using a simple cheek swab method


Legally defensible results

We follow a strict chain of custody that starts with patient's sample collection. Once the samples reach the lab, a compliance team ensures that the samples were not tampered with and that all chain of custody requirements are met.


Client confidentiality

Only authorized lab personnel have access to patient information.  Our personnel never speak to anyone not listed on a case, and client information is kept private and secure.



  Paternity Testing starts at $200


  Testing is by Appointment Only

AABB Accredited Paternity DNA Testing

  • Legal Testing

  • Personal, Peace of Mind Testing

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