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Schools & University Drug Testing

Schools are adopting random student drug testing more and more these days and ArdentDiagnostics is there alongside to help make the process easy.


Schools are trying to reduce drug use by:

  1. Conducting testing in hopes to give students a reason to resist peer pressure.

  2. Use the physical testing as a deterrent.

  3. An early detection method to allow for more successful parent/school intervention.

  4. Identify students with drug problems so they can be referred for treatment.


How we can help?


It can be a massive undertaking for schools to implement drug testing policies. We can conduct all of your random drug testing, get you setup with a prevention program, and provide services, as an extension, to families who wish to provide ongoing help to their kids.


Don't forget to test Faculty!


If you're a school, university, or for-profit-college it is important to keep a Drug-Free Workplace to insure the highest quality of education.  By implementing a drug testing program you can minimize drug related incidents and increase retention!


Steps to Creating a Drug-Free Workplace

  • Drug Testing Policy Creation

  • Pre-Employment Drug Testing

  • Random Drug Testing

  • Reasonable Suspicion Testing

  • Post-Accident Drug Testing

  • Alcohol Testing

  • Follow Up Testing

  • Supervisory Training


Call us today for more information! 1-855-951-TEST(8378)
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