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Examples of Pre-Employment Available:

  • Criminal Search (State and/or Federal)

  • Global Search Report

  • Employment Verification

  • Education and/or Prof. Certification Report

  • DMV


  • Urine Drug Testing

  • Hair Follicle Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Oral Drug Testing

  • And Much More...


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Pre-Employment Services

Why Conduct Pre-Employment Screening?


Pre-Employment screening is one of the best ways to you can reduce the number of candidates with a preexisting drug or alcohol problem along with criminal records.  According to the Department of Health and Human Services' 2008 National Survey on Drug Use and Health about 12.9 million Americans or 73% illicit drug users are employed.  Of these 12.9 million American employees that are on illicit drug 80% of them steal from their employers.  

Ardent Is Here To Help


The hiring process is often a long and painful process, but we can help you streamline the process with our full array of pre-employment services ranging from background screening to drug testing.  We offer the convenience of going right to your prospective employee or you can have them come to us for all your testing needs.  Some benefits of our pre-employment drug testing and screening are:


  • Confirms the trustworthiness and reliability of applicants.

  • Reduce costs by preventing theft and fraud in your workplace.

  • Lower your training and turnover expenses.

  • Maintain safety and security within your company.

  • Comply with applicable regulations and avoid fines and censure.   

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