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Types of Drug & Alcohol Tests

Competitive Pricing ~

Urine drug and alcohol testing is a proven method that has been used time and time again. 

Urine drug and alcohol testing is the only drug test type approved for federally mandated testing.  From concerns in the home to DOT approved testing, urinalysis is the way to get great results, fast.


Remember: Urine testing is the only drug test method approved for federally mandated testing.

Hair follicle drug testing has some unique advantages over urine, saliva, and other blood-based tests in the fact that it can go back 90 - 365 days. Hair follicle testing is quickly becoming an industry standard for drug testing in many large corporations and government organizations.

Our company provides you with fast turnaround time, affordable cost, and legally defensible results.

Our company is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest level of support possible.  Our laboratory is AABB accredited and a leader in its field. We have provided the most accurate information possible to thousands of clients throughout the years.

Some of our clients include individuals, attorneys, doctors, DCSS, and other types of agencies.

Saliva drug and alcohol testing - oral fluid testing - is ideal for post-accident and reasonable suspicion testing​.  It provides a 10-24 hour detection window, which is all you need for most incidents.

Saliva collection is quick and painless plus is very easy to monitor to reduce the possibilities of tampering.


Comprehensive steroid panel. Our steroid test is ideal for sports organizations, colleges and high schools. Corrections, law enforcement and occupational health agencies are using this panel too.


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